The objective of the GAL Riviera dei Cedri is the promotion of institutional, economic and commercial interests

Gal Riviera dei Cedri is a limited liability consortium company with public / private participation and was established on 08/02/2017 by the partnership operating since spring 2016.
The objective of the Riviera dei Cedri GAL is the promotion of the institutional, economic and commercial interests of the territory and of its members through the study, implementation and coordination of initiatives useful for social, economic, cultural, tourist, folklore, sports and of the territory of the Riviera dei Cedri.


The activity takes place as part of an innovative intervention program such as the Local Action Plan, designed to enhance the specific resources of the area, starting from the analysis of its strengths and weaknesses. The Leader philosophy, centered on "bottom-up" or "bottom-up" programming, inspires the entire activity of the LAG: the projects respond to requests from the territory, aiming at satisfying first of all the needs expressed by those who, operating directly on the territory , knows better needs and opportunities for intervention. The territorial area includes 17 municipalities of the Riviera dei Cedri in particular the Municipalities:

  • Aieta
  • Belvedere Marittimo
  • Bonifati
  • Buonvicino
  • Diamante
  • Grisolia
  • Maierà
  • Orsomarso
  • Papasidero
  • Praia a Mare
  • San Nicola Arcella
  • Sangineto
  • Santa Domenica Talao
  • Santa Maria del Cedro
  • Scalea
  • Tortora
  • Verbicaro